Hedman Vineyards & Peach Barn Cafe

Settle into the woodlands of Southern Illinois and experience a little bit of Europe with Hedman Vineyards. Specializing in Scandinavian affair, Hedman Vineyards boasts a peach orchard along with their acres of vineyards. Lounge on their deck and relax while viewing the wildlife along the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail.

Peach Barn Café

There is plenty to do at Hedman Vineyards. Enjoy a meal at the Peach Barn Café, a historic three story barn offering excellent Swedish cuisine. Choose from a variety of entrées ranging from Wiener Schnitzel to Barbecue Marinated Salmon. Relax with your meal outside in the Pavillion or in the recently expanded café overlooking the pond.

Peruse the gift shop while tasting the estate wine of your choice. Then, go antiquing along the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail. Finally, stay the night at Hedman Vineyards’ Peach Barn Bed and Breakfast.

Hedman Vineyards Wines

Cozy up in Hedman Vineyards wine cellar to enjoy a meal and sample from their ample selection of flavorful estate wines as well as alcohol free alternatives. By crafting their wines in the European tradition, Hedman Vineyards produce quality wine from self-grown and harvested grapes and peaches here in the Southern Illinois Shawnee Hills region.

Pair your meal with one of the many wines offered at Hedman Vineyards’ wine cellar. If a deep red dry wine complements your palate, try the Norton. Aged for two years in an oak barrel, the earthy undernotes will highlight any hearty flavorful meal.

Choose from Hedman Vineyards’ dessert wine collection. Vanilla rum and cinnamon highlight the fruity complexities of their Peach Dessert Wine. Try this sampling paired with any dessert or on its own to savor a unique European flavor on the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail. Whether pairing Hedman’s wines with a savory meal or sampling them all on their own, you will always have something to do on the Southern Illinois Shawnee Hills Wine Trail.

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