bunch-of-grapes (1) The Shawnee Hills Wine Trail brings many people to the Shawnee Hills in Southern Illinois. 12 stops along the wine trail offer unique flavors of locally grown and produced wines and craft beers that are sure to make your adventure into Southern Illinois pleasing to the palate.  Enjoy the work of local artists and musicians as you enjoy a nice relaxing day wondering along the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail. Download Weekend Wine Trail Itinerary (West Side) to enjoy our top wine trail picks in just one weekend.



man-with-bag-and-walking-stickHiking Trails in the East Side of Shawnee National Forest are some of the most undisturbed public lands in the nation. Hiking trails sprawl through the area some connecting to the River to River Trail from the Ohio River on the East side of Southern Illinois to the mighty Mississippi River on the West side. There are many horseback riding trails for equestrians looking to get out of their normal routine. Download