Small Towns and Villages of Southern Illinois

Southern Illinois is home to many small towns and villages that bring an alluring charm to the area. They continue to grace southern Illinois with the quaint feel of a home away from home. From Cave In Rock to Cobden, and Alto Pass to Makanda, the unusual attractiveness of the small towns and villages dotting the area will stay with you wherever you may go.

One attraction to visit is Alto Vineyards in Alto Pass, which is the oldest winery in the area. Alto Vineyards features many award winning wines and gourmet food to pair. You will also come across the famous Bald Knob Cross which stands at 111 feet tall. It has been around since 1963 attracting people from all over the world to it’s beauty and stature.

Visit Cobden which is home to a few remarkable attractions such as Darn Hot Peppers, a family owned business. They sell 15 – 20 types of peppers ranging from mild bell peppers to hot habañeros. Darn Hot Peppers is also known for selling some of the best spices, jams, and salsa in the area. Cobden is also home to the Yellow Moon Café whose menu changes with the local fresh meats and produce.

Take time to explore Makanda which is also known as the the valley of arts. It is a small village where many of the small stores showcase the local artists and their works. During your stay, feel free to visit Giant City Stables which offers guided horseback rides along the trails of the Shawnee Forest. Also check out Shawnee Bluff Canopy Tour to take a zip line journey through the heart of Shawnee at 40 miles per hour!

Come visit the small towns and villages nutured in Southern Illinois which offer exciting and unique attractions to explore. Discover the beauty of the flora and fauna of the Shawnee National Forest and the surrounding area as you get away from it all and enjoy what Southern Illinois is all about.