The weather here in Southern Illinois is more stable and mild than the majority of Illinois which makes the Shawnee Forest, the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail, and other major tourist attractions in this region the perfect vacation from the harsh winters found in Central and Northern Illinois.

Southern Illinois Climate and Weather

With temperatures averaging around 10 degrees warmer than those found in Chicago, the more mild climate of Southern Illinois gets only about 11 inches of snowfall annually compared to the 36 to 48 inches you will likely find near Chicago. The Northern Subtropical Jetstream keeps Southern Illinois ripe for tourism in a climate that more closely mimics our Southern neighbors’ humid subtropical climate than the humid continental climate found in other areas of Illinois.

5 Day Forecast

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If you’re looking for a vacation away from the frigid cold, or if you would like to enjoy a cooler summertime excursion, Southern Illinois has the perfect climate and attractions to suit any tourist outing. Spend your weekend exploring the great outdoors in our numerous State and National protected areas. Then, enjoy the relaxation of a cool breeze and live music at one of the wonderful stops on the Wine Trail. Finish with a warm campfire at a cozy cabin or a night in one of their hot tubs. Come visit Southern Illinois and get a taste of Midwestern charm with warm southern temperatures.